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D.O. McComb & Sons Tribute Center
D.O. McComb & Sons Tribute Center


Cremation is a very personal choice. You must determine what form of preparation for the final disposition you desire. Whether you choose earth burial, entombment or cremation, it is wise to consider the emotional needs of your survivors. Please consider that friends and extended family have needs as well. By including your family and loved ones in your decisions, you may avoid the possibility of added stress during a very emotional time.

To meet your cremation needs, we have opened our brand new D.O. McComb & Sons Tribute Center, which is one-of-a-kind facility offering on-site cremation services and a reception facility to accommodate up to 100 people. An on-site committal chapel provides a dedicated area for arriving funeral processions.

Only Indiana licensed funeral directors conduct cremations at the facility, ensuring D.O. McComb & Sons maintains full control over the how the remains of clients' loved ones are handled throughout the process. This also eliminates the need for additional transportation expenses for families, as most area funeral homes sub-contract the cremation process out to third-party providers, many of who are not located in Allen County.

"Families using the D.O. McComb & Sons Tribute Center know their loved ones are treated with the utmost respect during this important process," said Dave McComb. "We provide peace of mind and confidence in our process, and this includes the ability for families to use a dedicated room to witness the initial stages of the cremation.”

“We hold all of our funeral directors to the highest ethical and quality standards,” McComb added, “and this includes our Tribute Center. We've developed rigorous operating procedures to ensure a proper and respectful process for our families each and every time.” “Rest assured, we only cremate one person at a time.”

Please contact us @ (260) 426-9494 or with any questions you may have regarding Cremation. We will be glad to answer them. We can also send you a helpful brochure, “Cremation Options”, and a general information form describing the cremation process in more detail.

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